We've got your BACK (literally) supporting every ride in the saddle

Designed by a horse rider & mum.

The ONLY riding tights with core and back support technology.





Designed by

a mum and horse rider with a weak core and back injury resulting in two spinal surgeries.

Quality Product

researched to ensure the fabric used for EQUICORE will provide extreme support and quality to last.

Design Testing

our riding tights have been tried on at every stage of their development, from first fit to bulk production. Going through adjustments to ultimately produce the best support where your body needs it.

supporting riders in the saddle

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Bex Founder of Equicore


I'm Bex, a Mum, a passionate rider, and the designer behind EQUICORE™ Riding Tights. Like many of you, after taking a break to raise a family (four kids, to be exact!), I returned to riding in 2020. While the joy of reconnecting with horses was undeniable, I quickly realized my body, particularly my core and back, had changed after so many years. My youthful expectation of simply hopping back on and riding like I used to was met with a healthy dose of reality! It was then that I began a quest for riding tights that offered the essential support my "new" body needed. Unfortunately, nothing I found met my expectations. Frustrated, but also driven by the belief that other riders might share my need, I decided to take matters into my own hands. That's how EQUICORE™ Riding Tights were born.These aren't just existing tights with a logo slapped on. Every inch is meticulously designed by me, with every seam strategically placed and the best support fabric carefully selected, tried & tested.Recently, I experienced another setback with back surgery. While I'm currently in recovery, I find comfort knowing that when I return to the saddle, I'll have the incredible support of EQUICORE™ Riding Tights, both literally and figuratively.I hope you'll join me on this journey of finding strength and joy in riding, one comfortable and supportive stride at a time - Bex