Horse Riders wearing supportive Jodhpurs
Bex Founder of Equicore


Hi I’m Bex the Founder & Designer of Equicore! After having four kids and a fifteen year break from horse riding, I was back in the saddle again and it was absolutely incredible. I had found my way back to myself and what was my truest life’s passion – horses.

Only this time around my body had changed so much after having four kids and a spinal fusion in 2020. The first time I trotted I was shocked and just devastated at the lack of core/back strength I didn’t have, I just presumed I’d get back in the saddle and it would be the same as when I was a younger…and gosh I couldn’t have been more wrong!

I knew that I needed more support, core support so I looked and looked for Jodhpurs that had this feature for Mum’s or Riders like me BUT I couldn’t find ANYTHING anywhere! But I knew this is what I really needed to help with my riding, if I was to continue being in the saddle on a regular basis.

There was a gap in the market, and I was going to fill this Gap because I know that there are so many other mums and riders in my exact situation.

So even though I had absolutely no experience in clothing design, I researched patterns, fabric and everything needed to create the most supportive riding jodhpur available on the market and Equicore was born.

I’m super excited for you to ride in these and for them to help make your riding more enjoyable and easier as much as they do myself.